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With our partner model, authors keep 100% of book rights and royalties. Really! Read about how that works.
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The Book Whisperer 

Have you thought about publishing a book to support your business goals but you're not sure of the process, how to get started or even if it is possible? Have you googled, “how to publish a book” and found a mountain of information that you feel unprepared to digest? Perhaps you sent query letters to agents or to big box publishers and you didn’t hear back or the time to market was too long? I may be able to help. Think of me as the book whisperer!

Join me for a no-obligation free 30-minute chat to learn about me and how we can work together. You can book time on Facebook or phone me at 919.57.0116. Let's chat and make a plan!

Publish With Confidence

To get started we should talk and see if Brand & Book is a good fit for you. I’ve been in the publishing business for many years and my network includes designers, writers, book coaches, editors, proofreaders and indexers. I’ll create a special dream team that is specific to your project and one you'll absolutely love.

Based on your business goals, I’ll recommend a publishing platform such as IngramSpark, Lulu or Smashwords. All projects, softcover, hard case and/or e-Book come with built-in distribution (Global too) to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie booksellers and online channels everywhere. Let's do this!

Creative Resources and Author Marketing

Do you have a creative partner you can call on when you need to develop a sales tool, plan your book launch, have coordinated materials at an author event or create the perfect graphic for social media? My super power is designing, so I can help! As your creative resource I can save you an enormous amount of time . . . and frustration . . . while reinforcing your book brand in print and online. 

Professional looking materials makes a world of difference when approaching booksellers to ask them to carry your title or to arrange an event. With over 15 years publishing and marketing experience you can trust that your materials will look fantastic. I promise!


Brand & Book partners with business owners and authors to develop brand building books.

What I do: Assist authors with book production services — start to finish — to produce quality books that can live on major booksellers shelves.

I promise: 100% royalty to author. Terms and fees we both agree on up-front. Beautiful design.

My mission: To create happy & empowered published authors.