Hi! I’m Cyn, your self-publishing guide

I’m so glad that you are here! You may be a writer or an experienced author, either way I’ll help you find the resources or the confidence (or both!) you need to self-publish your book. I do this by providing affordable book production services and guidance so you’ll have the most relevant information to make your book look professional and spectacular.

Cyn - Partner Publisher

Cyn - Partner Publisher

Producing a book is a daunting assignment. But have no fear, my calm nature and expert advise will be with you every step of the way. Working together —from consultation to book launch— we will deliver a stunning book that sits proudly on bookshelves (online marketplaces too!) around the world. 

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About Brand & Book

Brand & Book launched in December 2016 and is an imprint of Cynergie Studio, Cyn’s parent company. Brand & Book assists authors who want to self-publish their book. I work with authors who want to publish books on business, self-help, health and well-being, memoir, novels, children’s and visual culture. Since I am an artist and graphic designer it’s only natural that many of my book projects have a highly visual or graphic components. Brand & Book empowers indie authors/writers who have a desire to self-publish, want to enhance their brand awareness, and have sufficient resources to invest in their book project. I partner with authors, writers, professors, speakers and business people to guide and produce quality books that can live on major booksellers shelves worldwide.

About Cyn

My love for design and book making started long ago with typography at the core. I adore the distinctive shape of each letter, reaching out to its neighbor to string together words that form sentences and ultimately create a body of work.

Books, in part, are meant to educate or inspire. But its physical appearance has a tactile and sensory persona that's hard to ignore when you flip through the crisp, creamy pages of a book: the dusty, inky, timeless scent of printed paper. If you're a book lover, like I am, you'll know what I am talking about and feel the same way too!

I am a member of Independent Book Publishers Association, an organization that has been around since 1983, and I follow their established values and code of ethics. I’m also a member of Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network (SPAWN). I am at my core an artist. So naturally every title I help guide into the world has a bit of my creativity built-in. It might be an original illustration, painting, photograph or a unique page layout. Your book will be truly one of a kind.

Cyn's Background

Cyn was born in the North East and moved a few times around the East coast with her family. Her mother and father had the entrepreneurial spirit, so as a kid she would help with various businesses, learning the value of customer service and persistence. As a child she spent time with her father in his art studio and in high school she found her life-long love of photography. At the time, taking photos suited her well by allowing her to focus on light, composition, and the tiny details that photography can provide. Her favorite photos were black and white abstract and portraiture. These early creative endeavors gave her a solid base for mixing art and business.

One of Cyn’s favorite mottos is: That’ll do pig, that’ll do.
— Babe (1995)

As a teenager she wanted to learn more about creativity and art but her school did not offer a rich arts education program. So she found a distance learning program offering a Certificate of Photography and earned her Certificate as a junior in high school. To assist her passion, her father built her a darkroom in the basement and she started a freelance photography business. A couple of years later she attended college to study communications. When an opportunity to co-own a print shop appeared, she enthusiastically dived into entrepreneurship and the printing industry resulting in a solid, hands-on Graphic Arts education and an everlasting love of photography, typography, paper and design. This endeavor allowed her to be present and active in all areas of the print process and contributes to her overall understanding of how print works, the ins and outs and whys of choosing font, color and paper.

She had roles as co-owner of an innovative software product for the printing industry, art director for a health care company, managing editor of a local newspaper and creator and product designer of Choice Reward an award-winning behavior product that helps families manage expectations and behaviors.

Cyn is active in her community and has volunteered with SPARKcon, a weird and crazy art festival, since 2009. For 7 years she produced PechaKucha Night events for the Triangle chapter. She is a longtime member of Business and Professional Women and has held multiple leadership positions including President during the 2014-2015 year. Cyn supports the local film making community. She is currently working on writing and directing a short movie and she and her husband have finished working on their fourth movie short which is currently enjoying the film festival circuit.

She’s an artsy-type that's comfortable working on a variety of creative projects, all at the same time! I might be behind or in front of a camera, designing on a napkin in a coffee shop or painting in my studio. She likes to think many problems can be solved with a paper clip and a twisty tie. Call her a creative director, designer, illustrator, painter, photographer, and all of those titles are appropriate. But Cyn’s favorite title is... my creative friend.

She lives with her actor/filmmaker husband in Raleigh, North Carolina and together they have 7 children.

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