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If you sell your book online you must now collect/pay sales tax to other states. Learn the rules in your state.

The learn more button below leads to a page on the Sales Tax Institute's website that includes each state’s initial guidance, FAQs, and state legislative activity that impacts remote sellers.


Industry Standards Checklist for a Professionally Published Book

In March 2017, IBPA's Advocacy Committee published an Industry Standards Checklist for a Professionally Published Book. The purpose of the checklist is to give book authors and industry professionals an at-a-glance gauge of the professional presentation of any book in order to help level the playing field between indie publishers and large-scale conglomerates. 

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Sample Copyright Page

Copyright is an important aspect of publishing. Copyright pages vary, but all contain the same general information. Below is a copyright page example linked with permission of the publisher.

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Businesses and solopreneurs find publishing a book an invaluable marketing tool. With Indie publishing thriving and new methods to publish more accessible, publishing your book may be within your reach. Avoid common mistakes and learn best practices. With content from Susan Katz, Associate Professor of English at NCSU and Karin Wiberg, Book Strategist and owner of Clear Sight Books. Download 5 Tried & True Strategies to Guarantee Your Book Makes it to the Bookstore Shelf below.

Podcast About Book Making and Promoting Books

One quick take away from this podcast was to never use your own image on the front cover unless you are a celebrity, think Michelle Obama or Tim Tebow, or unless your topic relates directly to your image, think Molly Yeh who wrote a cookbook or Nathan Latka who wrote about succeeding in business. More nuggets of wisdom inside the episode.

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Copyright Clearance Center Online

U.S. Copyright Office

STOPfakes - About Intellectual Property

Feedback Polling

Pickfu - Create poll to receive unbiased feedback to help choose the best cover design or title.

Find Editors

AAE - Association of Art Editors is a great resources for translation services too.

PEN - Professional Editors Network mainly in the mid West but also US and Canada.

NC Writers Network - NC locals can find many resources here.

NY Book Editors - Find a qualified editor in the NYC area.

Find Financing

Unbound - Need to find money to self-publish? Try crowdsourcing your project.

Get Reviews (free and paid)

City Book Review - Submit your book for review, or submit for a sponsored (paid) review, or submit an article to help get additional buzz and interest.

Kirkus - Receive a fair, unbiased (paid) assessment of your work by a genre specific editor.

NetGalley - A community where readers provide feedback and rate titles. They have marketing strategies for every type of author.

Review Saint - Submit your book for (paid) honest, reviews from readers.

Self-publishing Advice and Associations

ALLi - Professional association for authors who self-publish.

Publishing Service Index - 2018 - An independent assessment and list of global publishing service providers rated by criteria.

Self Publishing Advice - Be informed about service providers and check out their Watchdog Report.

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