6 Tried & True Strategies to Guarantee Your Book Makes It to the Bookstore Shelf

With quality, success will follow.  

  1. CONCEPT – When you choose a topic that speaks to you, your authentic self shines through. A book strategist can be invaluable in discovering the secrets of what makes your story special and will help you organize your manuscript.

  2. COVER – Cover design is the single most compelling visual to influence book readers to pick up your book. Hire a cover designer with a portfolio and aesthetic that appeals to you and has a background grounded in concepts of marketing and branding.

  3. CONTENT – Great storytelling is more than crafting characters and themes into meaningful prose. Provide readers a view into how greater self-awareness can solve problems in their own lives and give them something they can’t find in the course of their average day.

  4. CREATIVE – The heart of your story is complemented by careful attention to interior design and layout. Presenting your words in an appropriate font, creating illustrations that are delightful, and being mindful of the sensory experience of color, touch, and arrangement can place you squarely on the path to the bookshelf.

  5. COPYEDITING/PROOFREADING – Words matter. As do tiny details. To ensure your reader enjoys your book, and tells others that they do, engage an editor. Editors are like magical unicorns: They see things the rest of us don’t.

  6. CONSTANCY – The process of producing a book is more like an adventure than a quick jaunt. Stay steadfast in this journey, as it takes time and devotion. Even after you have your book in hand, the adventure continues.