Book production services to meet the needs of every author

I am so grateful, so thrilled to be holding my book in my hand, the actual book. Tears of joy and every other kind of tear imaginable right now.
— Nancy Loeffler, Author

Are you ready to see your ideas, words and thoughts published, online, and in-hand - for real?

Your manuscript is done, almost done and you are ready to self-publish. Or maybe you have an outline and need a developmental copywriter to get the ball rolling. Wherever you are in the self-publishing process, together we can make a plan and get started! You've done the hard part. The intimate, private part of conceiving or writing something only you could have done.

Even if your plan is to DIY with one of the online publishers, I’m sure there is a question that you may still need clarity on. Google and Facebook are great resources, but an actual person may be just the ticket. Reach out, I can help.

We are so thrilled with the work Cyn did on our first book, Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll that we are hiring her again! The short films the Cynergie Studio team produced has really helped to get our message out into the community.
— Barton & Megan Cutter, Authors
Cyn is one fantastic woman to work with. I find her exceptionally clever, her use of various program makes me look great on my CD covers. She is focused, self motivated and dedicated to her task, whatever it may be. She takes my meager ideas and uses her mastery of knowledge in the graphic artist world and creates beautiful works of art. Anyone wise enough to contract with Cyn will get everything they paid for and more!
— Willa Brigham, Author, Storyteller, and host of WRAL Smart Start Kids
This is great! It’s perfect. I am very pleased and thanks again for the great cover, which several people have praised.
— Larry Johnson, Author