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Self Samyama - Session Three

Session Three – In our third session you will: Learn how to be present to your own feelings, rather than our stories about your feelings. Learn how to learn to surrender, to trust, to open to love, and to dissolve your fear and defenses. Learn a way to open to what is, as it is, whatever it is.

Here is what you will experience in each 90 minute session.

Self Samyama is something you already know how to do, but probably don’t know that you know. 
The practice of Samyama helps us to open to what is, as it is. This is so even in the most heart-shattering experiences. We learn to experience the perfection of Life as it is, no matter how it seems to be. Samyama alleviates the suffering of wanting things to be different than they are–no matter what they are.
This is not a method to fix what is wrong. You will learn that nothing needs to be fixed. Samyama consistently reveals so beautifully that there is nothing wrong, and no one needing to be fixed. It leads us to realize that every wound is a pathway to the Holy, if we can be present enough to recognize it. Samyama Healing teaches us presence.