It's never too soon to gather information

Sometimes you just need to talk it out with a knowledgable person (think friend) to help you figure out what you want, where you're going, how long it will take, what the obstacles are, and when you can start or finish. This free one-hour "quick chat" consult is available in-person (Raleigh locals) or Skype/Google. 

We want to learn about you!

Where have you been, and where are you going? During our "just the facts" chat we'll discuss what motivated you to write, why being an author is important to you, what you plan to do with the book, how you see it fitting into your life, and identify your expectations.

Demystifying the publishing process 

  • We'll also talk about the differences in self-publishing versus traditional publishers and where you see your project going. We may find what you really need is a literary agent or perhaps just a little help in a specific area.
  • We'll talk about the pros and cons of an on-demand print service like CreateSpace and traditional printing methods. We'll discuss copyright, ISBN, royalties, and protections. 
  • We'll discuss a few ways Brand & Book can help with your project, as well as provide a sample estimate of services.
  • At the end of our call/meeting, you'll have a better understanding of how you see your book project and you'll have 3 actions items to help you move forward. Whether you choose us to work with or not, our chat is completely complimentary and impartial.


So helpful!

“I literally saved hours and hours of time! The time I spent with Cyn discussing my project helped me focus on what was important”

— Teri Saylor, Journalist

My dream come true.

“Your creativity and attention to detail brought the dream of writing my book into reality. Thank you for guiding me through a process that was unknown to me with so much fun and humor.”

— Nancy Loeffler, Author

Book & video for launch party.

"Awesome job on the book! And the illustrations you created for the voice changes in the interior are just what we wanted. Also, thank you so much for completing the video for us!
We were so pleased with the final version."

— Barton & Megan Cutter, Authors