You’re the boss. Brand & Book works with you!

I’m a self-publishing partner. Not be confused with hybrid publishing or vanity publishing. What that means is I provide a suite of book production services that will guide writers/authors — that’s you! — through the self-publishing process with confidence. And you control the process and 100% of royalties. You are the boss!

You choose what customized services are needed (I’ve found that every author and book project is unique) and together we work out a plan to self-publish your book.

Why should you work with me?

My background includes co-owning a print shop, editor of a small newspaper, and art director for 2 companies who led print-on-demand (before most people even knew what that meant!), so I know the printing industry — past and present. My experience as an art director, graphic designer, and artist means your cover and interior layout will be gorgeous, professional and appealing to potential buyers. I guarantee my book production services are professional, ethical, and a great value. You book and ebook will be available to top online booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as your local bookstore.

My services include:

  • Visual design (typography, photography, cover design, artwork, interior layout)

  • Logistics (Together we’ll figure out the best publishing process for you, copyright, ISBN, Library of Congress, imprint usage)

  • Production (design and format your book using industry standard publishing tools, create e-book files if needed, ghost-writing/developmental writing, copyediting, line proofreadingordering books, managing your distribution channel)

  • Marketing materials (graphics for your website, marketing flyers & book signing materials, bookmarks)

  • Unlimited email support, and more!

Because Brand & Book is a publishing partner and service provider ( NOT a traditional publisher, a vanity press, or hybrid publisher ) authors manage 100% of their royalties and ownership. I do this because I feel strongly that the best person to sell your book is YOU. I provide you with marketing tools and unlimited email support so you can sell your book and keep maximum royalties. I am a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and subscribe to their code of ethics, values and vision.

Think of me as your personal self-publishing guide and book production resource. From cover to index, my designs are elegant, crisp, professional and sales ready.

The ideal Brand & Book author has:

I went looking for my dreams outside of myself and discovered, it’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it.
— L.M. Montgomery
  • a desire to publish and enhance their brand

  • has a requirement of quality

  • investigated and researched publishing options

  • the ability and willingness to market and grow their brand

  • sufficient resources to invest in their book project.

All you need now is a trusted partner to help turn your idea into a book. You just found one!