You'll need a marketing plan, and…

Every book and marketing plan is different. I have a general outline that we can modify based on your particular book goals. I can coordinated and produce your print materials, assist with your book launch and provide swag too. Keeping your brand strong and visually consistent in print and online is important.


Print Materials

Coordinated print materials keep you on brand and helps with your book launch, visit to booksellers and your direct mail efforts.

  • Promotional materials, fancy swag, like branded t-shirts, posters, hats, pencils, pens and mugs. I can create a swag store with the kind of products that fit for your brand.

  • Printed materials:

    • Be memorable with a full color bookmark to promote your title

    • Postcards to send to book stores and sales outlets

    • Signage for book signing

    • Sales Flyer to leave with booksellers




Your online presence is important. Keep your channels filled with coordinated graphics that are aligned to your brand.

  • Ads to promote your title on online

  • Additional sales graphics for online channels with Facebook, Twitter, your website.

  • Website consult

  • Email marketing

  • Video