How Brand & Book works


I’m a publishing partner and provide a suite of services to authors, editors and business people to guide them through the book making process with confidence.

With over 20 years experience, I manage the visual (typography, photography, cover, artwork, interior), logistics (figuring out the best publishing process for you, copyright, ISBN, Library of Congress, imprint usage), production (design, format your book, create e-book files, ghost-writing, copyediting, line proofreadingordering books, managing your distribution channel), marketing (graphics for website, marketing flyers & book signing materials, and more). Think of me as your personal book whisperer.

From cover to index, my designs are elegant, crisp, professional and sales ready. AND because I am a publishing partner service provider, authors keep 100% of rights and royalties. I am a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and subscribe to their code of ethics, values and vision.

Wondering how authors keep 100% of rights & royalties?

IBPA’s mission is to lead and serve the independent publishing community through advocacy, education, and tools for success.

Brand & Book is a fee for services model. This means the author collaborates on design, time lines, controls sales, distribution, marketing and royalties. We offer a suite of services that are flexible and customized for every project. Before you select a publishing partner, it’s always a good idea to research publishing options, meet with various industry professionals, take stock of your own resources and be open to whatever that research brings. Most of all, be comfortable with your publishing relationships. For context, here is an article by Dale Rominger discussing vanity press versus self-publishing and this one from IBPA on Hybrid Publisher Criteria.

Although Brand & Book does not take a a dime of royalty from book sales that doesn't mean I don't have an interest in the author's success. I absolutely do. Brand & Book supports authors with live and virtual one-on-one "catch-up" sessions to see how sales are working out, promote author events on social media, add author events to the author calendar, feature author books at events, add tracking links on my website to sales channels, co-sponsor events, assist with book release launches, and more. We succeed when YOU succeed.